Fresno Filmmakers Forum Dec. mixer this Thursday

Posted by brodiemashDecember 8, 2008 - 11:27am

picture-12But before you head out to grab that drink & film this Thursday evening, you need to attend the Fresno Filmmakers Forum’s December mixer. Why? Well, cause if your interested in filmmaking or the film community in general, you need to show up to these things and support! The following is the email I received about the event:

The Fresno Filmmakers Forum’s December mixer is focusing on ACTORS.

We have film and video production in Fresno… but actors who have camera experience are not so easy to find. How do we locate those actors wanting to work in front of a camera? Do they have experience? How will they be trained? Who will cast them?

Help answer these and many more questions and meet filmmakers who are looking for talent!

Filmmakers Mixer: Thursday, December 11, 2008 | 6pm

Film Institute Fresno
816 E. Fern in the Tower District

For more information go to or contact Christine at

A perfect way to start off your film filled Thursday, right? Find out some cool tips from the professionals and since you’ve only worked with your friends as actors, you know we all need some tips. You should also get your cousin who’s always talking about becoming an actor but has never gotten the opportunity to showcase himself to come to this ’cause you never know what might come with a little bit of mingling and discussion. Hope to see some of you guys out there later this week!


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