Dumb Drum Gettogether #3: The Goonies

Posted by brodiemashDecember 8, 2008 - 10:11am

the-goonies-1-1024After last friday’s Beehive shindig (big shout out to everyone there), you’d think we’d be all partied out. Well, have no fears, fellow bloggers as we can keep the party going…..at least somewhat. To celebrate the last of the Flashback Features this week, we’re going to be getting together again for a beer before a movie this Thursday, December 11th. And this week, it’s a classic: The Goonies. What better way to spend a Thursday night than with some fellow nerds, have a drink or two followed by an adventure to find One Eyed Willie’s treasure? I can’t think of anything better. So as usual, the film starts at 10pm over at Edwards Theater at Riverpark and tickets are $5. We’ll be meeting up at the Me ‘n Ed’s Coney Island (at the bar, of course) located in front of the theater near the parking structure at around 8:30 pm so come on by and maybe you’ll see me do a Truffle Shuffle…..but probably not. See you guys out there this week!


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