The DUmb #14 • Callin’ It In

Posted by brodiemashDecember 4, 2008 - 1:39pm

podcast2The DUmb has returned sans one of it’s brave warriors, Bryan Harley, but no worries because I’m joined by two other local filmmaker phenoms in the form of Vince Cosentino (Vindawop Productions) & Michael Banti. Join us this session as we sit down and talk about all types of bullshit including:

• A quick overview of Swede Fest The Second

• How HD content has meat-waffled™ my brain

• We talk movies in general including Australia, Sunshine, Che & more

• Bryan Harley calls in LIVE from The Save Mart Center

• A quick overview on the new RED Camera announcements

• The Fresno Beehive Anniversary party

• Vince & Bryan battle baseball movies (Will needs to get in on this discussion)

• Find out who wants a hooker for Christmas

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  • I finally recall the last movie I saw. It was Burn After Reading. Not the best Coen Bros. movie, but it made me realize that I don’t necessarily have to cut so many of the F-bombs from my movie.

    Thanks for having me on and I can’t wait to be on again.

    I would watch Mr. Baseball before I would watch Field of Dreams again.

    • Damn you sir! Field of Dreams is great.

    • LOL! Mr. Baseball > Field Of Dreams?! Oh this is gonna get good….

    • Come on, we all know that the greatest baseball movie is Angels in the Outfield.

    • 1951 or 1994? Who cares. *flaps arms*

  • John Sayles’ Eight Men Out (’88)
    Fear Strikes Out, the Jimmy Piersall story (’57)

    Let’s watch some baseball movies and do another podcast.

  • ha! mr. baseball

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