Swede Fest The Second has come & gone…..

Posted by brodiemashNovember 24, 2008 - 10:15am

I’d could do a recap here but Will Albritton over at the Beehive has already taken the time to do it. Plus it’s a lazy Monday today. I’d like to thank everyone who submitted entires to the festival because without you guys, the event would not be possible. To everyone who ventured to Chinatown and sat down in the awesome C.A.F.E. Infoshop with a room full of strangers and enjoyed some of Fresno’s filmmaking goods, thanks to you as well.  We’re going to start planning the next one pretty soon so be sure to start thinking what your swede is going to be and keep an eye here for an announcement pretty soon. If you wan to see all the swedes from this weekend, head on over to the They Came From The Valley. I’ve embedded our entry to convince you to go on and watch all the others. Cheers!

Swederado from Roque Rodriguez on Vimeo.



  • Chloë says:

    Those are some pretty sweet guns you guys used. Did you get them on the black market? Also, Debbie deserves an award for her performance …

  • brodiemash says:

    Actually we got them on the brown market….you know, the Cherry Auction?

    Oh, and Debbie….she’ll get what’s coming to her….

  • barrazie says:

    Nice. Brown market.. coming to her… your like Dave Coulier, only like PG-13 and whutnot…..geez.
    Congrats again, Can’t wait for the next one. when’z the announce on that ??? WHATS IT GONNA BE CALLED???

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