Black Friday looms; get yer shop on!

Posted by brodiemashNovember 24, 2008 - 5:32pm

So yeah, hope you guys are ready for some shopping this week. No? Yeah, me either. Maybe it’s just the disappointing ads from Best Buy & Circuit City or the sagging economy tightening it’s grip around my wallet but I’m not my usual excited self this year. But I figured some of you guys out there would be interested in picking up a cheap TV, some aight deals on a Blu-Ray player and of course cheap DVDs & video games so I wanted to inform you of BF (one of the many sites online offering details on Friday’s sales) where you can go and start planning your route for this Friday & you don’t want to wait until your newspaper is delivered Thursday morning. And if you do see me out on Friday, be sure to talk me out of purchasing that $600 LCD HD television. Enjoy, good luck & try to avoid this again.



  • teresa says:

    …annnnnd the Black Friday Art Show at Broadway Studios. So you can take down those Salvador Dali prints you got at Cost Plus and those framed pictures hanging in your kitchen that say “cafe” and buy something original. Like gesture porn, by Robert Amador.

    1416 Broadway in Downtown Fresno. 6pm.

  • brodiemash says:

    Robert Amador is the shit and would highly recommend you go check out the show…..after you shop, of course. Just be sure to save some cash to support local artists! Perfect gift for that one mutherfucker who has everything and needs to impress thee womens.

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