The DUmb #7 • Nerd Overload

Posted by brodiemashJuly 30, 2008 - 12:13am

Yup, number 7 so pay no attention to the fact that I refer to this as our 8th podcast in the actually podcast. Yeah, I can’t add. So this week, Adrian Rodriguez from Late Update returns as he brought with him a new special, special guest: John Rios! Rios is the creator/artist/writer of Dead Days, the awesome web comic. Joins us as we talk all types of NERD. Be warned! This episode contains more nerdiness than usual. Please be advised! So much in fact that Adrian’s presence was almost not felt (it didn’t help that the poor guy had the stomach pain of a million warheads). So what did we talk about?

• The Dark Knight, of course. Swear, this will be the last time we beat this dead horse…this week. • The Watchmen and it’s newly released trailer. • San Diego Comic Con 2008 overview. • A Rodriguez/Rios soundboard prank call. • We talk about our entry for the upcoming Fresno Swede Festival. • E3 2008 overview: The best of the Microsoft, Nintendo & Sony announcements. • Some graphic design flubbs. • Old school video game nostalgia.

And there’s more! Download it, check it out and let us know what you think. As usual, NSFW as we tend to cuss a little bit. Feel free to email us comments or if you have any questions or want to be a guest on our humble podcast, drop us a line at Thanks to Late Update for hosting the podcast for us!




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