The DUmb #20 • Now in 3D!

Posted by BryanDecember 16, 2009 - 1:38pm

podcast11-469x312So we decided to do something special for the 20th episode of The DUmb, and unfortunately it involved our ugly mugs: VIDEO!!! That’s right, not only do you get to listen to our heavenly voices, you get to see the lovely faces that go along with them. What a treat for you. Joining Brodiemash and Bryan as a guest on this visceral visual venture is none other than local corporate videomaker Andrew Toschi.

So sit back, relax and grab some popcorn as we discuss the following…

  • Elimination of the Fresno Film & Entertainment Commission.
  • A Swede Fest 4 recap & some minor Swede Fest 5 deets, we challenge Alan Autry to come out.
  • Andrew tells us about his upcoming LOST project & we call out for writers for Dumb Drum.
  • We talk about old downtown Fresno movie theaters & porn took over in the past.
  • A quick talk about drive-in movie theaters in the valley.
  • We announce our Rogue Festival plans & talk about the film component of the fest.
  • Avatar and will it live up to the hype. And will Bryan see it in 3D?
  • Andrew tells us about his URL fetish.
  • A Wes Anderson film discussion occurs.
  • Bryan reveals his next mission in life: coming up with a better name for this century.

And if you’re not in the mood for the boob-tube, here’s a link to the audio only version. But c’mon, that’s no fun.



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