Swede Fest The Second deadline looms; still time to submit an entry

Posted by brodiemashNovember 18, 2008 - 6:14pm

Sure, it might be cutting it close but working under fire usually produces some of the best creative work, no? Maybe it’s just me but I doubt it. YOU TOO CAN MAKE A SWEDE IN ABOUT 3 DAYS! Seriously, it can be done. Get some friends together, gather around your collective DVDs or head on to Blockbuster on a fact finding mission and decide on your film or scene or trailer. From there, the juices will flow, no doubt. If all else fails and you decide “Naw, I’m gonna continue being lame and not participate” well you can always just show up this Saturday over at the C.A.F.E. Infoshop located at 935 F St. in beautiful Chinatown and help support local filmmakers. The event starts at 1pm and it’s free for everyone so grab a couple of friends and come enjoy some free local films. For more info on creating an entry, be sure to check out the Swede Fest The Second page here and all will be answered. If not, feel free to email us at thedumbdrum@gmail.com. As a special treat for you guys, up there is Stormwysper/Michael Banti’s entry to our little film festival: Swede Intentions. Bad ass! Peace and good luck on your production!



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