Dumb Drum reaches the Terrible Threes

Posted by brodiemashMay 20, 2010 - 8:42am

Usually, these birthday posts are a waste of everyone’s time and this one is no different. But I think for all the the support we get from the readers and for all the hard work that we put into The Dumb Are Mostly Intrigued By The Drum, we should address the milestone as many blogs don’t make it this far, especially around Fresno. 3 years ago on May 15th I started this little blog to post stuff about my films. Needless to say, there wasn’t very much going on there for a while so the blog evolved to what it is now: a one-stop shop for all things nerd! While still keeping active in the local filmmaking community with events like Swede Fest or stepping into new realms for the local blogosphere with our video series Cross Streets along with all the regular series of posts we do, here at Dumb Drum we will continue to delve into the future not with a nudge but rather with a shove and we’d love it if you all continued to join us. All in all, this blog wouldn’t be anything without all the support we’ve received from our readers and supporters so a shout out to all of you. As long as you like what we’re doing, we will keep bringing you our product. Thanks again and hopefully our 4 year anniversary will be a little more, how can I say… “tangible” than a mere blog post :) Keep on Dumb Drumin’!



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