"It Belongs In A Museum!"

Posted by brodiemashOctober 15, 2007 - 4:38pm

“No, Dr. Jones….You do!” Sorry, that’s my favorite line from “The Last Crusade” Yeah, kinda odd, but for some reason, that’s the one that sticks out. So as some of you locals might have heard, the movies were in town last week to film a portion of the latest Spielberg film, “Indiana Jones and The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull.” Shooting in Fresno and at Eagle Field in Firebaugh (Damn you Spielberg! That was my location!) I went over there to see what I saw and I saw some cool stuff. Harrison Ford, Shia LaBeouf & Señor Estar Gwars himself, George Lucas were on the set and captured by my lens. No Spielberg for me but some uber-dork (who was running around with DVDs asking people how much they thought he could sell a beat to shit copy of Jurassic Park 2 signed by Spielberg) said he heard him over a loudspeaker giving direction. The airport was used as the airport for Mexico City circa 1950 or so as you can see the Mexican flag flying over it in the pic. Here’s the local news report on it. Check out the pics and enjoy. Also, check out Late Update here for more pics & videos. I’ll post the video of Ford & Lucas sitting down for tea time later.



  • Adrian says:

    Awesome pics! The best photos I’ve seen this whole topic since you actually got a shot of Indiana. I don’t know though, you could have done better… you could have gotten a photo of Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg in the same photo, like if there was a moment when Spielberg asked Indiana for a soda and he grabbed it with his whip, while Spielberg wrote on a chalkboard in big letters, “I ruined AI.”

  • anna says:

    Pretty Dope Roq!!!!! Only you can capture such amazing things……. Like Indie oh wait…. u call him Dr. Jones Doll

  • Anonymous says:

    Uh…actually, Rogue…the correct line spoken by Panama Hat (the character’s name in the credits of “Last Crusade”) in response to Indiana saying, “It belongs in a museum” is;

    “SO DO YOU! Throw him over the side!”

    Just thought I would expose myself as the true Indiana Dork I am…

  • MIKEY says:

    Great pics. I feel like shit I got out blogged by several people on this one. SHIT BALLS!!

  • Dominik says:

    Ok thats great…so how about you post the video of them sitting down for tea finally? Its been like hours now. Like really, how hard is it to post something like that??

  • Bryan says:

    Dude, how’d you get that Harrison Ford shot? That’s awesome. You should’ve tackled Lucas.

  • lou says:

    you should be on the GD scoopy squad, Scoopy MacScooperton. Nice wurk, sincerely. Your inner fanboy has served you well, but it will only cause you to be shunned and laughed at. Bury your feelings, Roq, bury them deep…. eh…whuzzat….

  • lou says:

    oh yah, “Rogue”…. hee hee… priceless

  • Jason LeVeck says:

    Hi, just wanted to say that I think your webpage and links is really cool and that I would be interested in getting more information about your movie titled BLUR, and possibly buying a copy when it is done.

  • Anonymous says:

    cunt cunt yeah whatever

  • Steve says:

    I live in Merced. I should drive to Firebaugh to check it out!

  • deaddays says:

    Cool! They posted your pic on The Superficial, I Watch Stuff, and WHO KNOWS where else. That’s what I’m talkin’ about Roq! HUMAN TETRIS FOO!

  • dannyjones says:

    hi roque, your pictures made me so giddy that i cannot wait, man!!, i, and i, and surely all of us here, were been waiting for this dream come true.
    The “Berg” and Harrison will show us once again that “IF ADVENTURE HAS A NAME…” surely is not Captain Sparrow,Rick O`Connel nor even Lara Croft.LOL

  • dannyjones says:

    I think the making of this fourth Indana adventure is neccesarilly for this age, cuz, first of all “RAIDERS”,”TEMPLE OF DOOM” and “LAST CRUSADE” are great examples of how to make a fun (and really good)popcorn flick, the adventure genre (leaving away super hero comics or fantasy films)its now passing trought a serious crisis, i mean, that the period adventure film and treasure hunting were always the perfect exuse to attend at movie theaters but the recent material we had in the last six or so years its a shame, it will be cool to back to the days when we saw for the very first time such fun “boys own adventures” such as ROMANCING THE STONE or even THE GOONIES and, off course RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK ,back in the 80s. Now i heard that there is a new “Mummy” film, i liked the first one, it was very funny and very entertaining, but the “THE MUMMY RETURNS” was crap and now they are filming right now “EMPEROR`S TOMB”, althought i have seen some pictures from MUMMY 3, the production of this one just give me a sense that the producers just wanna gain a quick buck cashing on INDY 4 production, replacing Stephen Sommers for another hack like Rob Cohen (i hated STEALTH tough, jessica Biel was there and she is a godess)

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