Dumb Drum Get-together #5: The Fast & The Furious

Posted by brodiemashJune 22, 2009 - 4:06pm

fast_and_the_furiousPeople hate this movie, I know. Actually, since I’ve come out with my love/hate relationship of this film, more & more people tell me straight to the mask how much they hate this film. It’s cool, I totally understand. But it’s still a pretty entertaining flick and I’ll be damned if I miss it on the big screen and miss feeling like it was 2001 all over again (this has to be one of the newest films presented as part of the Flashback Features series). So with that, Dumb Drum is throwing another long delayed Gettogether! It all goes down this Thursday, June 25th at Me ‘n Ed’s Coney Island Grill at Riverpark starting at 6:30pm and will continue until the film begins at 8pm over at Edward’s Theater across the way (please be aware of the time change from the previous events). Tickets for the film are $5 and the happy hours deals will be in effect until 7pm (admittedly, they are kinda weak sauce) so bring a $10 spot and you should be pretty good. Come bring your antisocial ass to meet some other antisocial asses and we can all sit at the bar being all antisocial together! Check out the trailer after the break and just be aware: I might be spewing lines all over the place on this one so please aim your bricks in my general direction. Hope to see some of you out there this Thursday and please refrain from doing donuts in your front-wheel drive Honda Civic in the parking lot after the screening. Actually, do them so we can laugh when the cops come and tow your shit away.



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