The DUmb #16 • One Year Of Nothing

Posted by brodiemashMarch 20, 2009 - 1:58pm

podcast11So we waited until Feb. 14th to record our first podcast of the year, in order to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. And then we waited over a whole month to actually post it. Yeah, we’re laggers but hey consider it our anniversary present to ourselves. So if you still wanna hear what myself, Bryan Harley & special guests PartyMarty & Barrazie had to say way back when, here are some highlights:

• I profess my love for the Richard Donner film Assassins and a certain Antonio Banders.

• After much The Fall talk, Harley finally watches it. And I almost stab him (sound FX included!).

• We talk Oscar films and kinda discuss our favorite films of 2008.

• Would of Heath Ledger been nominated for an Oscar if he was still alive?

• Talk a little downtown and production on the Fresno Production Studio.

• Harley talks “visionary director” Zack Snyder: comedy ensues.

• Barrazie brings down the mood with Roman Polanski talk

• High Definition, BluRay and how bad ass it is discussed.

2009 Fresno Swede Festival officially announced….back then.

• We talk about orgies at Wondercon and the type of women who attend.

• Bryan costs me a $170 cell phone ticket.

All this and more can be yours for FREE when you click on the player down below or when you direct download by clicking here. Not good enough? Head on over to iTunes and subscribe to our podcast and get this bad boy delivered straight to your playlist! Warning: Language is NSFW! Be warned! Check it out and let us know what you think by leaving us comments or dropping us an email at



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