Cross Streets #8 – Herndon & Blackstone

Posted by BryanFebruary 8, 2011 - 8:00am

Note: Language is probably NSFW.

Join Roque and Bryan as they explore the city of Fresno one cross street at a time in this ongoing web series.

Past Episodes:
#1 – First & Shields, #2 – Fresno & G, #3 – Belmont Loop, #4 – Willow & Friant, #5 – Kings Canyon & Peach, #6 – Fresno & Belmont, #7 – Fulton & Divisadero



  • Modesty says:

    About flipping time and absolutely a crack up to watch! I'm not a townie but you guys make me feel like I could have been here all my life ;)

  • edluv says:

    another good job. i was wondering how you avoided having part of the homeless army that is camped out on that corner, and then you showed the cart. priceless.

  • @barrazie says:

    "Do it." "Boom!" "Indeed…"

  • John says:

    Cross Streets 8 – Herndon & Blackstone

    Online Computers, Gary Murphy, manager

    Formerly located at the west end of the building now housing the Burlington Coat Factory where they sold both Apple and Atari computers.

    About 1981 I bought by first home computer, an Atari 800 for around $2,000 if I remember correctly.

  • Robert says:

    LOL it's Online Computers, my dad used to be a manager at their store too.

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