Reminder! There’s still time to submit an entry for Swede Fest 7

Posted by brodiemashApril 26, 2011 - 8:30am

With Swede Fest 7 coming up in a few weeks, we wanted to remind ya’ll that there’s still plenty of time to gather some of your homies and create and entry for the festival. Also, some people might still be unsure that the location for the festival so this video also reiterates that very point. I wish i could tell you some of the cool stuff we have coming up on May 14th but alas I cannot spoil the surprises but believe you me, it’s gonna be kinda cool. Stay tuned here and over on the official Swede Fest site for all the latest info and please help spread the word as I have made a promise to film myself completing a cartwheel and post it here if we can beat the attendance record from the previous festival so be sure to let it be known. I mean, how doesn’t want to see a fat man attempt a cartwheel, right? Hope to see you and your crew at Full Circle on May 14th!

  • Got my entry locked and loaded! I'll shoot it over to you guys next week!

  • Is that someone blowing his nose at the very end of the video? Maybe it should be called SNOT Fest 7!


    • Bryan

      Ha, definitely not a nose blow. But then again not sure what it is!

  • That's why you should have a behind-the-camera camera. We want to see you fall.