Why Dumb Drum loves Fresno

Posted by brodiemashMay 20, 2010 - 3:11pm

As part of a KSEE 24 promotion, Bryan & I decided to take our Cross Streets format and throw our hat in the ring (who doesn’t want a free iPad, right?) with our own entry describing why we love this fair city known as Fresno and what you see up there is the final result. So yeah, it’s Thursday afternoon and I really don’t feel like typing too much more sooooooo…. enjoy! And seriously, Tijuana traffic is crazy nuts! Also, feel free to bombard the KSEE site here and leave us some mean comments.

  • Anna

    thats was awesome u guys r great…i especially love ur hearts at the end LoL

  • Nice job. Too bad you couldn't get a shot of the Wildcat in there…;-) j/k

    • LULZ! They actually came out from Wildcat as we were driving away, security guard and all as if to shoo us away.

    • And hey, we were on the median (sans permit, btw), so what could they've done? Nothing!

  • You guys should have mentioned that one of the things you love about Fresno is that you can now watch a 7 o'clock newscast. *hint*

  • thanks for plugging Firebaugh/Mendota…..and jay parks said it for me. I believe Wildcat's qualifies as 'Fine Arts'……