This weekend! Pecha Kucha vs Lookee Loo Showdown

Posted by brodiemashFebruary 19, 2010 - 12:56am

(Language is NSFW) I can sit here and rant about how you should go to Lookee Loo (where you can catch the premier of our entry & latest film, The Retainer) instead of the über-trendy Pecha Kucha, but instead I present this video where Travis Sheridan and myself battle it out to convince YOU to attend our respective events. Pecha Kucha is going on at Starline on Saturday starting at 4:10, admission is $10 and it goes towards Haiti relief. Lookee Loo is happening around the same time starting at 4:30 at Revue and is FREE for everyone. Make the right choice people! But honestly, either way everyone ends up winning!



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