The DUmb #8 • Swede Crazy

Posted by brodiemashAugust 13, 2008 - 9:10pm

And it’s that time again for another episode of The DUmb! This time (again) we welcome back some of the usual suspects from our Swede Festival entry as Adrian Rodriguez from Late Update, John Rios from Dead Days, Bryan Harley from AMF Productions and Jay Montes from….Sanger join us for the round table discussion, which includes:

• A wrap up from this past weekend’s Swede Festival over at Corridor 2122 and we address some negative feedback over at The Beehive’s comment section, some discussion on the actual swedes and some early details on the next festival.

• Talk about the new “Cheap-O Theater” format the Clovis Towne Center has adopted and probably bumping The Wackness out of playing here in town.

• The Tropic Thunder & Star Wars: The Clone Wars controversy.

• Bryan tells us how he met the stars & creators of the BBC series Spaced.

• How I tried to buy Henry Perea‘s support for the new Film Ordinance.

• John discusses his workflow with Dead Days.

• Bryan reveals another word in the title of his upcoming secret project.

All this and and more! Download it, listen and let us know what yout hink. If your interested in coming on as a guest, please drop us an email at





  • Strangevisitor says:

    Hey guys! Just listened to the show. Really a great show despite being from Fresno! =) I can not for the life of me figure out how to subscribe but I will def download all the episodes. We should set up a crossover sometime.

    Good luck and stay cool.

  • brodiemash says:

    strangerswithcomics! Nice, yes indeed we need to collaborate in the near future. I’ve listened to a couple of your shows, good stuff! Yeah, I’m kinda lazy but I’m working on getting a way for people to subscribe. It’ll come, though….thanks for listening!

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