The DUmb #11 • An Evening With Ray

Posted by brodiemashOctober 20, 2008 - 10:57am

Join us as The DUmb welcomes special guest Fresno Film Commissioner Ray Arthur on the program! During our time together we talk about what Ray’s job is exactly, we talk about the future of Fresno film and the Rule Of 15 film ordinance, how Indiana Jones came to Fresno and how we beat out the Bee’s photographers for the best pic of Harrison Ford, his thoughts on the upcoming mayoral election race and how the candidates are working towards a brighter future in the local film community, discuss the Fresno Filmmakers Forum and who should show up (EVERYONE!), he gives out free advice on how to make some cash with building a local soundstage, Firebaugh gets a few name drops, we ask Ray if he’s ever seen The Day The Clown Cried, and what Ray thinks of Alan Autry’s new radio show. This episode runs in at 2 hours & 20 minutes so beware that this little file will take up about 117MBs on your computer. Thanks to Adrian at LateUpdate for all the help with the live podcast! You can direct download here, grab it over at iTunes here or listen to to the whole thing by pushing play down there.




  • Bryan says:

    The massive 2 hour epic is finally here!!!

    It’s too bad it got slightly cut-off at the end. But to those who didn’t listen to the live webcast, I think you only missed about 1 or 2 questions. One of which was if the film commission is hiring. The answer: NOPE!

  • brodiemash says:

    That’s what one of the lost the questions was. Good recap, sir!

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