The DUmb #10 • Return Of The Swede

Posted by brodiemashSeptember 18, 2008 - 5:28pm

As we reach double digits, come along with myself and Bryan Harley as we welcome Barrazie & Jay From Sanger to sit around and discuss the happenings in our nerdy worlds including the exclusive announcement on the details for the next Fresno Swede Festival. **Language in ALL our podcasts are NSFW so be warned**

• We discuss the plethora of film festivals (Reel Pride & Latino Film Festival) going on in Fresno this week.

• Find out how to get a free beer at tonight’s Dumb Drum Gettogether.

• Talk about The Fall, Burn After Reading & Lord Of The Rings Extended Editions.

• Chinatown exists and it has tunnels. We talk about the 2nd Swede Film Festival.

• We discuss Fresno’s upcoming Public Access Channel which will birth Dumb Drum TV.

• Why I’m going to buy the Chevy Volt.

• Hackers access the Large Hadron Collider as we creep closer to the end of the world.

All this & so much more! Download now & remember: if you listen to this podcast, you have a chance to score a free beer. DO IT!

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