Random Goodness: Colbert interviews RZA

Posted by brodiemashOctober 15, 2009 - 9:24am
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I love Wu-Tang! And I love Colbert. So when I heard these two worlds were intersecting, it was much like hype for Deathmate back in the 90s. Only this lived up to the hype, unlike said failed comic book crossover. A meeting of the minds with the abbot RZA sparring with the fundit Colbert last night on The Colbert Report, the producer was promoting his new book The Tao Of Wu which goes on sale today.Will I pick it up? Probably. I mean his last book, The Wu-Tang Manual was a pretty interesting read and recommend it for any fan of the group. Colbert never ceases to make me laugh whenever he spits any kind of hip-hop lingo. BONG!


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