The DUmb #18 • Blogocide

by brodiemashAug 26th, 2009Comments (5)

podcast11-469x312And just like that, we’re back! We know it’s been a long time (and we shouldn’t have left you) but join a rusty Bryan Harley and I as we discuss a various of non-important subjects like such:

  • The current state of Fresno podcasts and how everyone is more consistent than us on the podcast tip.
  • We devise a plan to elevate the Fresno blogosphere/podcastosphere into the national spotlight: blogocide!
  • A recap of the films released this year and declare the best movies we’ve seen so far.
  • Our impressions of recent trailers like Avatar, Inception & Where The Wild Things Are.
  • Discussion on why trailers give away important plot points.
  • Would Bryan Harley sell-out and helm a Twilight film?
  • Details on Swede Fest The Fourth. We need your ideas & comments!
  • Interested in being a guest writer/podcaster? We’re open like 7-11!

As usual (if you remember, I guess) this podcast is NSFW because of naughty language so keep it down if your kids and/or boss is around. Please leave us your comments and if you’re interested in being a guest and talk nerd with us on a future podcast, please drop us an email at

The DUmb 18 — Blogocide


The DUmb #17 • Sweders Edition

by BryanMay 21st, 2009Comments (13)

podcast11The DUmb podcast returns, this time with FIVE guests, all of them sweders who participated in the last Fresno Swede Festival. We welcome Travis Sheridan, Michael Banti, Josh Tehee, Will Albritton, and Vince Cosentino… along with, of course, Brodiemash and Bryan. We talk about sweding, the festival, summer movies, and more! The audio quality is a little (OK, a LOT) shitty, because we forgot to switch to line-in on Brodie’s brand spankin’ new iMac (which doesn’t automatically shut off the built-in mic when you’re using an external one). LAME. We truly are THE DUMB. Enjoy! Click here to download, or listen below.