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  • http://www.ericasaunders.com Erica Saunders

    How about a slobbermeister bomb

  • http://twitter.com/zolmos @zolmos


  • Andrew

    TrackBack Jack

  • http://twitter.com/angelrodriquez @angelrodriquez

    I'll take a Drum and Coke. Heavy on the drum.

  • Juan

    Brodiescotch Schnapps Martini

  • PartyMarty

    I dunno man, bacon wrapped hot dogs are hard to beat.

    How about an "I must break you"(White Russian)?

  • Sams Raimi

    How about Suicide Sampler???

  • Lathana

    Slippery Nipple?

  • Sara Mcguffin

    Delightfully Slow Comfortable Screw – reminds me of my college days…..

  • bee

    how about a drive-by body shot, basically drinking liquor off a bullet hole riddled body of a fellow fresian and allowing the blood to mix with the drink as a substitute for salt, YUM :)

  • bee

    i just want to say that everyone whos tried "shotgunning" a beer must try a full auto double barrel shotgun. its 2 tall cans shotgunned at the same time, good luck to you, you light weights!!

  • Flip

    I would have to agree with the gentleman that goes by PartyMarty, those bacon wrapped hot dogs are so delish. Maybe a Roqstar Vodka would go good with those yummy bacon wrapped hot dogs.

  • GiGi

    How about a "Lolito Mojito"?

    • http://twitter.com/andrewtoschi @andrewtoschi

      I like that one!

  • Bino Escobar

    when you walk up to the dumb drum bar, as soon you see the bartender you shout out, “mock!”. He/She would reply with a “YEAH!” You then counter with a “ing!” They then go “YEAH!” You then say “bird!” They say “YEAH!” Then you say “YEAH!” Then they say “YEAH!” After all that nonsense you get to drink all the mixed up booze that spills on that mat they’ve been pouring on all day. YEAH!

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