Dumb Drum invades the Dirty Dowdy Podcast

Posted by brodiemashMay 5, 2010 - 5:32pm

Last week, Bryan and myself were invited to join the cool cats over at the Dirty Dowdy Podcast to sit down & chat about all things Swede Fest along with all kinds of fun stuff. Hey, since we’ve been lagging with a new episode of The DUmb┬áPodcast You can peep out the entire show by downloading it over here or you can go directly to the site and stream it. Swede Fest wasn’t the only topic on the agenda as we talked movie porn titles, celebrity cheaters, current events and and whole bunch of other good stuff. Peep it out, I guarantee you’ll be entertained!

  • It looks like Bryan Harley is doing Dave Coulier's famous "Cut. It. Out." bit from "Full House" in the above picture. I hope this is true.

  • i have a podcasting website and i got some good deal of subscribers too*':

  • my cousin loves to podcas all day long, he has this sort of podcas obsession thingy'~*