The DUmb #18 • Blogocide

Posted by brodiemashAugust 26, 2009 - 9:20am

podcast11-469x312And just like that, we’re back! We know it’s been a long time (and we shouldn’t have left you) but join a rusty Bryan Harley and I as we discuss a various of non-important subjects like such:

  • The current state of Fresno podcasts and how everyone is more consistent than us on the podcast tip.
  • We devise a plan to elevate the Fresno blogosphere/podcastosphere into the national spotlight: blogocide!
  • A recap of the films released this year and declare the best movies we’ve seen so far.
  • Our impressions of recent trailers like Avatar, Inception & Where The Wild Things Are.
  • Discussion on why trailers give away important plot points.
  • Would Bryan Harley sell-out and helm a Twilight film?
  • Details on Swede Fest The Fourth. We need your ideas & comments!
  • Interested in being a guest writer/podcaster? We’re open like 7-11!

As usual (if you remember, I guess) this podcast is NSFW because of naughty language so keep it down if your kids and/or boss is around. Please leave us your comments and if you’re interested in being a guest and talk nerd with us on a future podcast, please drop us an email at

The DUmb 18 — Blogocide

  • Good episode, nice to have you back, guys.

    Blogocide: genius. If I get killed, will the blogosphere take care of my family?

    • Thank you, sir. I figure who ever it ends up being, we'll have the most EPIC car wash to support said bloggers fam & funeral expenses. It would be the honorable thing to do.

  • So whoever is the victem of the blogocide (you guys need to trademark that shit), can they come back as a ghost so I can then do a blog post on it? That would be awesome.

  • oh, i'm willing to take care of bizness

    • Hmmm maybe we could do some street battle royal like in Anchorman where all the new stations had that huge street brawl. Just one question though, who's the Spanish station?