The DUmb #15 • Cleaning Up For 2009

Posted by BryanDecember 24, 2008 - 9:23pm

podcast2The DUmb #15 has arrived just in time for Christmas, an early present from dear old Sandy Claws! In this episode Brodiemash and Bryan are welcomed by regular DUmb guest and thespian actor Adrian Rodriguez from Join us as we discuss:

“Clean Up” the short film we produced for the YouTube Project: Direct contest, for which we probably are not an official selection. Damn.

• As always we talk MOVIES, what have we seen lately? Slumdog Millionaire, and more. This segues us right into…

• Our picks for Best and Worst Films of 2008!

Brodiemash talks about his experiences at the recent Ice Cube concert at the Crest Theater.

• What’s coming up in 2009 for Dumb Drum,, and AMF Productions? Secrets revealed!

• We discuss the new batch of Flashback Features for Dec – April at Edwards Theater. Regal Theater people, please let your audience help pick the next batch!

Frezno: The Book! Our reactions.

• We talk about The Fresnan’s and Fresno Famous’ lists of things Fresno needs for Christmas.

• Last but not least we discuss New Year’s Resolutions! Argh!

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