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Dem Reviews: DC Comics – The 75th Anniversary Poster Book

by brodiemashDec 27th, 2010Comment (1)

Whenever you think of comic book publishers, there are really two names that come to mind and for over 75 years, DC Comics has been publishing some of the most read funny books and brought us such memorable characters like Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman. To mark the long history of said superheroes, Quirk Books has teamed up to produce “DC Comics: The 75th Anniversary Poster Book” which includes “100 of the most important, most incredible and most bizarre comic-book covers” from the long history of DC Comics. The covers include some of the best from titles such as Swamp Thing, The Flash, V For Vendetta and featuring art from masters like Frank Miller, Jack Kirby, Curt Swan, Neal Adams, Alex Ross, Jim Lee and many, many more. A foreword by DC staple Paul Levitz beautifully opens the book.

These best thing about this book is that every one of these featured covers are printed on thick stock (although I would have preferred a glossier sheet but I’m a paper geek) and it’s pages are perforated so, if you felt so inclined, you can remove your favorites from the book, frame them and display your favorites on your wall. Sure, it might go against your nerd instincts to keep a book intact & pristine but it’s kind of hard to resist not framing that Adam Hughes Wonder Man cover. Each of the covers also include interesting information of how the cover came to be and also tells some interesting backstory on some of the entries so it’s not only a feast for the eyes. Tackling topical issues such as the struggle for women’s rights, drugs, and war, the covers are arranged chronologically and reflect the changes in American society over the years. Not being the biggest fan of the DC Universe and it’s characters, I went into this with a firm sense of skepticism but I came out the boom tube learning a lot about the history and with a whole new appreciation for the community and it’s characters.

The quality of the book is top notch and would go perfectly in any comic book collectors coffee table. With 100 covers featured, my only knock would go to the fact that there should have been more. But I guess they’ll save that for the 100th anniversary.

The book has a MSRP of $40 but can be found a lot cheaper around the net.

On Scene: Tron Legacy

by brodiemashDec 22nd, 2010Comments (10)

The Tron Legacy midnight screenings were last Thursday, and we just knew the nerds (our people) would be out in full force for the event. So we decided to go out to the IMAX at Edwards Theater and talk to them, man on the street style, for our newest addition to Dumb Drum, which we are tentatively calling “On Scene.” And who better to host such a video series than our multi-talented and all-around awesome friend Travis Sheridan. Travis asked some fellow “Tronies” some questions (before we eventually got kicked out by security) and this is what transpired. Mad props to Kyle Lowe for shooting and editing this bad boy. Enjoy and watch out for us at future nerd-related events around town!